Uber uns

In 1995 our first restaurant “Sushi am Main” was opened in Feuerbachstrasse. One of the early sushi restaurants in Frankfurt with 45 seats in traditional Japanese style was built in a Wilhelminian-style building in Westend. In the cozy and stylish restaurant, lunch and dinner menus were offered very successfully right from the start. Stimulated by the success, we opened a second sushi restaurant with 42 seats in Reuterweg 61 in 2009.

In our restaurants we primarily offer traditional healthy Japanese cuisine with sushi, miso and other Japanese soups, tempura, gyoza (filled dumplings) and authentic Japanese washoku cuisine. In addition, warm rice and pasta dishes with chicken or other meat are part of our diverse range. Of course we also have a large selection of vegetarian dishes, e.g. Kiku-Sushi, Nobu-Sushi, veg. Tempura or various pasta and rice dishes.

All sushi dishes are freshly prepared in front of your eyes by our sushi master at the bar and served on traditional Japanese dishes at the table. Without exception, we only use the freshest fish and ingredients, which we process and prepare with the greatest care without the use of glutamate. We also attach great importance to the appealing visual design of our dishes served by our friendly service.

In our restaurants you will also find a large selection of drinks, including Japanese drinks such as sake, Japanese and German beers, German and international wines, spirits and soft drinks. We also have the usual hot drinks such as tea (various Japanese teas, jasmine tea, olong tea, ginger tea) and coffee on offer.

Our whole team is always trying to make your visit to our restaurants a pleasant experience for you.